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Electrathon is a competition and a design-build high school educational project for science, math, and vocational skills. The competition originated in the 1970s in England then was taken up in Australia in the 80. One of the Australian champion competitors, Clark Beasley, introduced the sport to the US around 1990 where it gained a following among electric vehicle clubs. I was at the time running a small solar electric & vehicle parts business in San Francisco and was introduced to the sport there. Working with a small group of people, we determined it would be a good project to encourage high school students to take an interest in science math, and engineering. My business, Global Light & Power became one of the major proponents of encouraging the high school programs in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rica. By organizing and conducting workshops and providing parts to high schools and universities we introduced accessible electric vehicle technology to over 1,000 high schools in the U.S., 200 in Canada, and principle universities in Mexico and Costa Rica. The competition continues including organization and event sanctioning club called "Electrathon America" founded by Beasley in 1991. Search the word "Electrathon" to find hundreds of web sites, mostly from high schools.


  The eMule was a home school curriculum for science, math, and vocational skills.


 This three wheel leaning scooter has a top speed of 45mph and an hour range from two lead acid batteries. It was tested in daily street use for two years and proved a very practical.