Marine, Mechanical, & Design Services

I grew up around heavy equipment, road building, logging and mining. Education was focused on architecture and engineering both of which are art forms. Each of these photos are links to marine repair & restoration and prototype design-fabrication projects, services I continue to offer selectively.

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Marine, Mechanical & Design Services

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Marine services

Mechanical, electrical, wood, fiberglass, plastic, & rigging work available in ports or anchorages where permitted to work.

  Mystique was in the early stages of dereliction when I bought her in 2013. The basic boat was souond, but all electrical, fuel, and mechanical needed attention.

  About a third of the mizzen mast needed replacement along with other repairs to decking and various beams that were starting to rot.


Electric Vehicle Prototyping, & Educational Programs

These photos are links to design-build projects for home construction & educationl programs.

  Electrathon competition was introduced to U.S. high schools in 1992 as a design-build program to get students intrested in science, math, and vocational skills. In twelve years over 1,000 high schools adopted the program.

  The eMule was a home school curriculum for science, math, and vocational skills.

 Three wheel leaning scooter with a top speed of 45mph and an hour range from two lead acid batteries. Tested in daily street use for two years and proved very practical.



Practical Mini-House built from standardized modules built on jigs then taken to a location for easy assembly.

The basic cabin is either 12'x16' or 16'x20 and designed to be stacked or butted together to allow expansion as needs and resources came available.

 A concept proposal was developed to use the modular system as an inexpensive way to build an eco-tourist lodge in remote areas of developing countries.