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Three books tell a story of Art as a Process of Discovery. A rare insight into the path of a career artist with a flare for adventure. Crystallization of Intelligence, is the result of a forty year Quest providing insight into awakening the mind to create that which did not exist before.   Following these are short stories, poetry and photography free to download.

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Crystallization of Intelligence
by S L Van Ronk

486 pages, b&w, 6" x 9"  published September 2017

ISBN-13: 978-1542433358


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Crystallization of Intelligence provides methods for integrating meditation and spiritual quests into your daily life.

We investigate how metaphysical thought influenced some of the most brilliant minds of science, then show you a fresh perspective into how the psychic nervous system, chakras and meditation can be used in harmony to awaken your spiritual Being here and now.

We examine the effect of emotion and belief in our waking and sleeping states to see how they influence each other to create spiritual advancement in both realms.

You will discover that integrating your personal spiritual quest into all aspects of life will accelerate your progress as you help bring peace to the world with the spirituality you project.

The author spent forty years studying comparative religion and philosophy from Theosophy , Mystic Christianity and esoteric Buddhism along with direct contact and tutelage under custodians of sacred wisdom from Australian Aborigines, to natives of Papua New Guinea and high mountain Buddhist monasteries in Nepal.

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 Them That Dream Together
by S L Van Ronk

Around the World on a Quest for Art, this is about magic, mysticism, and the inspiration behind my work. It tells the story of an eight year trip from Aboriginal Australia, through  the jungles of Papua New Guinea, overland through S.E. Asia, and across India on a motorcycle to the snowy ranges of the high Himalayas in Nepal.  It is not only the influence behind my art, but a psychology of life shaped by problems, solutions, and mental processes encountered through diverse and remote cultures that has transformed art to a technique of mental-spiritual revealation

228 pages, full color, 8.5" x 11",  published December 2012

ISBN/EAN13:  1478316896 / 9781478316893


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The Art of S.L. Van Ronk - 1972-2012 Retrospective
by S L Van Ronk

My best art since my first stained glass studio in 1972,  through a cooperative studio in New Zealand, living with an Aboriginal tribe deep in  the Australian Outback, for whom their art is a sacred tradition and much more.  It containes hundreds of full color photos of Stained Glass, Reverse Painting on Glass and architectural features in wood, metal, tile. glass and stone.

112 pages, full color, 8.5" x 11"  published December 2012

ISBN/EAN13:  1466441003 / 9781466441002





  Short Stories, Poetry & Books by S.L. Van Ronk free to download for supporters of

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The Saga of San Quintin
by S L Van Ronk

"The Saga of San Quintin" is a story of near disaster at sea while single andadog handing the 41' Ketch S.V. Mystique out of Ensenada, Mexico April 2017

Fine Art

by S.L. Van Ronk.

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Along the Road
by S L Van Ronk

Along the Road was designed to be viewed with two pages open, so set your .pdf reader so it will show that way for the intended impact.

"Along the Road" is a small compilation of poetry, prose & photography inspired by and taken out of the works produced during the author's eight year around journry on a quest for knowledge.

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Wallungurru, Land of the Printi
by S L Van Ronk

"Wallungurru, Land of the Printi" "Walungurru, Land of the Printi" introduces the art tradition encountered while living and working with the Pintupi Australian Aboriginal tribe in the remote Northern Territory desert community of Kintore between 1982-1987.